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Mary Clark

Senior Manager

Mary was born Los Angeles. Her family owned a small grocery store, so she has learned how to  manage shop

Tim Rogers

Billing Specialist


Tim is the person who is keen on merchandising  and he has a lot of practical experience. He works with

Nina Gomez

Customer Service Representative


Nina will gladly answer all your questions regarding goods, their availability in stock, shipping charges, estimated shipping dates and others.


Craftorious is full of creative and talented like-minded people. We always communicate and share our skills, discoveries and new techniques we managed to learn. Working together helps us to develop our horizon in arts, get new knowledge and never stop. At Craftorious we have a club where our designers and artists perform their masterclasses. If you are our regular client you are able to get invitation to these masterclasses. Here you can learn many craft techniques and even discover your own talent.

Fitness Collection 90%
Outdoors Activity 80%
Yoga and Stretching 70%